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Strategies to Facilitate Social Engagement Among Senior Living Residents

Social engagement is vital to senior care residents, but facilitating it can be a challenge. With obstacles to social engagement common in senior living settings, senior care communities need to […]

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Thriving, not just surviving. The importance of social support among the elderly

Abstract As the number of elderly patients continues to climb, becoming aware of the special needs of elderly clients grows in importance. Facilitating environments that build social support systems is […]

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The Advantages of a Senior Living Community

As we age, we can acquire health and physical issues that can impact our ability to live independently. In such situations, living at home—especially alone—might not be the safest option. […]

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The Importance Of Senior Living In A Healthy Aging Plan

The Advantages of a Senior Living Community As you plan for the future, you have a variety of options to choose from when it comes to where to live. If […]

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