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Donate to Senior Community Connections

The economic sustainability of the Senior Community Connections is largely dependent upon the generosity of individual and corporate donors and foundation grants. Please consider a tax-deductible donation either online or by check. Donate today!

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How will my money be used? 

Donations will be utilized for financial assistance to pay for volunteer training and vetting, software support, insurance for our volunteers and board members, among other minor administrative costs. It is also our goal to develop a fund for “scholarships” so that we are better able to assist members who need our services but may not have the means to pay for a full membership fee.

Sponsor a Member

A donation to future members can be made by any of the below methods. Please send an email upon donation to to indicate whether this is for anyone in need or a specific person. If you have any questions, please call us at 980-689-1843.

How do I donate? 

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Check – Checks can be made payable to Senior Community Connections and mailed to:

Senior Community Connections

PO Box 327
Davidson, NC  28036s

Friends of SCC

Thank you to those who have become “Friends” of SCC with Donations of $50 or higher!

Gail Arnold

David Barry

Anna C. Bowden: In memory of Cliff Hammond

Steve and Betty Bradley

Ava Callender

Carl Campbell

Luke and Maureen Charde

Jo and Steve Cloniger: In memory of Cliff Hammond

Thelma and David Deal

Ernest Dwight: In memory of Cliff Hammond

Agnes and Joe Fiore: In gratitude to Laurie Walker

L.J. Genson

Steve Gibbons

Girl Scout Troop 3704: In memory of Cliff Hammond

Kathleen Giles: In honor of Natalie Heling

Cliff and MaryAnne Hammond

Dorothy Harris

Lori Harrow: In memory of Cliff Hammond

Jennifer J. Jim

The Jorgensen Family

Christa Kedar: In memory of Dr. Cliff Hammond, PhD

Jane & Gene Keel: In memory of Dr. Cliff Hammond

Edward and Judy McLean

John S. Monaghan

Nancy Lammers

Margot Leydic-Boyd

Sandra Lopes: In gratitude to Laurie Walker 

Gilbert and Ann Lorenz

Elsie Mason

William & Bonnie McCoy

Steven and Linda Michael

Joyce Nunzio

Clifton & Susan O’Brien

Ellen O’Connor

Beth & John Quinn

Kelli Rogers

The Reeb Family

Mary Sellars: In memory of Cliff Hammond

Mary & Kirk Sherrill: In memory of Cliff Hammond

Karen Sieracki: In memory of Cliff Hammond

Spinnaker Cove Patio Homeowners Association: In memory of Cliff Hammond Regina Tardugno

Molly Tee

Susette and Tom Tegtmeyer

Martha Toll-Reed

Rebecca Turner

Donna Van Fleet

John and Laurie Venzon

Jane Wham: In memory of Cliff Hammond

Judy and Albert Wilgard

Laurie Walker: In honor of Joyce Nunzio

Penny Wright

Many Generous Anonymous Donors