Downtown Scene - Older Adult Services


Senior Community Connections (formerly Davidson Village Network) is the outgrowth of seeds planted in 2006 when the Town of Davidson’s mayor, Randy Kincaid, formed the Aging in Place Task Force.  The task force arose out of concern about how to address societal needs with the coming of age of the baby boomer population.  In 2008 a report of findings was issued to illuminate specific areas for improvement to enhance seniors’ quality of life in Davidson.  The task force evolved into the Davidson Committee on Aging (DCOA) that has since become the Davidson Village Network, focusing on providing older adult services. 

Senior Community Connections is now a member of the Village to Village Network for peer-to-peer help in establishing and managing its own Village.


      • Provide a program of support services that empower members to live in their own homes and communities.
      • Promote healthy living, social integration and well-being of older adults in our community.
      • Develop strategic partnerships with local businesses, institutions, and organizations to provide older adult services that foster independence and community integration.
      • Provide opportunities for community volunteers.
      • Secure funding and provide the leadership and business skills required to build a fully functioning community service organization.

Village Stories

The following short video segments give a sense of the positive impact that Villages have had on a number of families. The average American over the age of 65 will need roughly three years of long-term care, on average, according to government estimates. To get that care in a nursing home costs about $72,000 per year. But from D.C. to Massachusetts, Minnesota to California, Americans are devising innovative plans to help more people save money and stay in their homes longer. This is the story of how more Americans are “aging in place,” around the country.

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