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Gardening is great for everybody, but it can be particularly beneficial to seniors. With a variety of health and emotional benefits, gardening is one of the best low-impact activities for seniors, including those with mild physical limitations, memory problems, or those who require various forms of senior care. The benefits of garden care for seniors are plentiful. Studies have shown that low-impact exercise, such as gardening, can drastically reduce seniors’ risk of injury and physical conditions like osteoporosis. Gardening helps seniors maintain – or even increase – flexibility and strength. What’s more, gardening provides a peaceful, engaging activity. This can be therapeutic, helping to relieve emotional stress for lonely or frustrated seniors. Gardening can even provide a therapeutic outlet for Alzheimer’s sufferers. If you have an elderly relative or loved one who loves to garden, but finds the activity increasingly difficult, senior care from Senior Community Connections can help.

More about Our Services and Benefits

Through a trusted network of vetted volunteers, Senior Community Connection provides assistance with transportation, technology support, personal advocacy and information, minor household repairs, friendly visits and calls, and help with day-to-day errands. Members and their families have peace of mind knowing that local support is only ‘a phone call away’. So why is it important?

      • Empowers members to live in their own homes and communities
      • Promotes healthy living, social integration and well-being of older adults in our community
      • Fosters independence and community integration
      • Peer-to-peer network encourages more connections
      • Enhance seniors’ quality of life